The value of a Smile

Feb 11, 2019

I met with a sweet bride the other day for coffee to discuss her upcoming wedding. She pulled out her wedding binder and flipped through to the online questionnaire that she had found about what to ask her wedding photographer.

We love hearing these questions from our brides, but for today I wanted to focus on one specific question that this bride asked.

“Do you pose your couples?” She followed up the question with an inquiry about what our posing style might be. But before I had the chance to answer, she began describing how uncomfortable standing there taking photos would be in uncomfortable poses for hours upon end culminating in the final phrase, “we really just want a lot of candid images.”

The truth is, I was the same way as a bride! I wanted all of the fun documented, all of the gooey moments that made my heart leap out of my chest…I definitely didn’t want a lot of stuffy images where we are just smiling at the camera.

No. Thank you.

What I have learned since then is that with wedding photography, you need a balance of it all. Do we want to capture those heart stopping images for you? Heck yes!! Lay on the dreamy sunsets, the incredible flower arches, and the kiss that is heard around the world.

However, if we never gave you instruction all of your images would look like the ones on your cell phone and you maybe an incredible cellphone photographer, but it just isn’t the same.

Moreover, we want you to have that super sweet image of you cheesing at the camera. Because your smiles will light up the world.

We want you to remember, from now until forever, exactly what you looked like, what you were feeling, what you were thinking…because there may come a day when you can’t remember, but this image will be there to help you…to help me…to help your future.

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