The Slow Pour – A Tip For Grooms

Feb 27, 2019

We love our grooms! We love their senses of humor, their group of guys, and the interesting time Jason always has with these gents!

That being said, when it comes to most weddings, we have found that grooms tend to take a back seat. They let their brides take care of the details, supporting when needed and helping when asked.

There are somethings though, that our brides don’t think of and in most situations our grooms don’t think of them either. That is why we are launching our groom’s guide!

In this instance we want to talk to you amazing gentlemen about the slow pour toast!

We have three tips for you gents when it comes to making this as successful but also 007 as possible!

  1. Ditch the red solo cup! – We aren’t saying go out and spend a fortune on custom cups like this groom did for his groomsmen gifts, but bringing an actual glass to toast with adds a flair of debonair.

2. Upgrade your drink! – This is a chance to have an incredible glass to toast your wedding with. Sharing something special and not your average, is a great way to celebrate!

3. The Slow Pour – Enjoy your day with a smooth pour of a great drink. We love it when our grooms enjoy the art of the drink. Feel free to get a little fancy with it!

We can’t wait to send out our grooms guide to all of our amazing grooms! Check your mail for it coming soon!



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