Our Biggest Question Answered – Imperfection!

Mar 13, 2019

​He wasn’t backing down this time.
I had never felt so divided in this relationship…his hand clenched the metal rungs on his side and I clenched them on mine.
Together we stood, glaring at each other in the middle of the colorful display of…cleaning products.

He wanted his detergent and I wanted mine. He wanted his floor cleaner…and I didn’t.
We had been married for two weeks​ and to this day I can’t help but laugh. 
I laugh so hard at this memory because it shows that even though you have been together for years, there are still little things to learn about one another when you get married.

​But Lauren no! You can’t! You can’t post on instagram about a fight! It’s supposed to be perfect!
Well, I am not perfect. My business isn’t perfect. My husband isn’t perfect. and my marriage isn’t either. But guess what. I LOVE it!!!
I celebrate the imperfection and embrace it. There are no perfect people allowed in my world and I can’t wait to meet your imperfect self too!
So go ahead, call me and tell me the funny story about disagreements about paint colors or coffee brands.

Trader Joes or Stater Bros…to us, its all about the journey you have overcome and the beauty in the journey. 
We love that you are together and celebrate that you are choosing to stay together, imperfectly.
What about you? What was your silliest disagreement about? Comment below and tell us! We want to laugh with you!

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