Marriage – a 5 year review

May 30, 2019

Well love birds, we just celebrated 5 years married! We made it to the first milestone! One baby down, two more in the heart and well we wanted to take a minute and share five things we learned about marriage so far that surprised us!

  1. I have seen that one movie, I am sure you have too, the one where the married couple is all smiley and perfectly happy and without a care in the world. Man do I wish I could say that is true, but for us, it’s only true most of the time. Marriage is two people with different wants and desires that are constantly fighting to keep on the same road. It takes compromise and unending love to give up so there is a balance. It is so lovely to find someone worth saying I do too, and I do every single day!

2. The Baby Carriage – Man oh Man was this one a doozy. Our pretty princess Elliana is beyond our joy and an easy place for us to pour our love into. It takes patience, kindness, and understanding to remember that you are on the same team with the same goals. Parenting is a step that some married folks walk into and others do not, but for us…it is has been a massive change which is why it is number two on the list.

3. Find your joy – It is so easy to get bogged down. Bills, family drama, cleaning, work…the things that can get you down can pile up. Remember to stay you, find the fun! Make the time to enjoy each other and live your life!

4. Take lots and lots of photos – Life wizzes by at the speed of life. Your moments are gone almost as fast as you can remember to hold onto them. Take the picture no matter what, you may find that you miss it more than you thought you might.

5. Dress up – Celebrate the moments and milestones. Make a big deal. It is so easy to forget, put off, save the champagne for something bigger or better. But today is amazing, it is worth it! Pop the bottle, sprinkle glitter, toss confetti. Dress up and go out on the town, paint it red. We only live ONCE!!

Five years ago, this year. We are so lucky to have found each other. We hope you love our little hints about marriage!



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