Faux vs Natural Florals

Jan 9, 2019


They make or break the look and feel of your wedding.

Whether it is greenery the transforms a bare loft into a modern eden or a rustic field where a bushel of roses soften the harsh landscape, or a gorgeous hotel where a striking bouquet completes the picture, flowers are a vital part of the wedding experience.

A few days ago we posted on our Instagram about faux florals. I have been noticing an increasing number of brides using faux florals (and even a few event planners) and thought I might share a photographers opinion on natural vs faux florals.

Before I dive into our opinion though, let’s talk about the pros and cons of each.

Faux Florals:

Pro – they don’t wither and are not effected by temperature. There is nothing worse than getting to a wedding day with a bouquet of hydrangeas and have them be a wrinkled mess because of unexpected heat or lack of water. With faux florals, it doesn’t matter the flower or the weather they look just the way you want them to.

Con – Uniformity, it is hard to get a more realistic faux floral with realistic size, color, and shape variety like you would have with natural flowers. We hear a lot about it being obvious when florals are fake because they all look the same.

Pro – DIY dream! Faux florals are easy to source and easy to work with. You don’t need to know how to take care of a specific type of floral in order to use it because they won’t die. You can get them absolutely anywhere and in some cases save money as well.

Con – in the point above I mentioned cost cutting. A LOT of brides choose faux florals for this reason, however I am not so convinced it is true. High quality faux florals are costly. If you don’t want your bouquet to be obviously fake it can cost you. On average brides spend approximately $250 on their bouquets…natural or fake.

Natural Florals:

Pro – Sensory Experience. We as human beings don’t experience the world on a cost basis. We experience it based on sound, taste, touch, smell….and in this category natural florals win every time. I remember the sweet smell my roses gave me from my bouquet every where I went on my wedding day and soooo much of my memory is based on that. Each time Jason brings home a bouquet I am right back there under the oak tree with the warm summer breeze saying how much I love him.

Con – it is challenging to really decide what you want and knowing how it fits into the budget. Natural florals are seasonal, you can’t always have what you want. We are so used to the expression or adage that you pick the day you want and it will all come together like June 14th at the Plaza. But the reality is that if you have specific florals in mind you may have to plan your wedding date around that.

Pro – The florist. Having a florist is similar to having a planner. They usually will help you understand your look and feel as well as assist in understanding how to present your florals. While there are florists who tend to like to design the same thing over and over again, there are others who will push the boundaries for your wedding and help you make it a wedding like no other.

Con – Color Palette. We have all had it happen. You are looking for blush online and you hit the order button. Next thing you know…fuschia is at your door. The only thing is, there wasn’t a fuschia option. Nature is amazing and we are so blessed that in it nothing is ever the same, but sometimes we say white roses and it is varying shades from eggnog to ivory. Nature has variety.

Pro – From textural to evocative, nothing makes a statement like natural flowers. There is a primal allure to natural florals from the delicate way the ivy twirls to to softest shimmer of the dahlia to the gentle sway of lavender. Nothing beats natural floral feelings.

So what is the end goal. What do we say wins?

At the end of the day, your taste does! It is your wedding day and we are not going to knock your desire or decision to have faux florals. Because it is your choice and you have to be happy with it!

That being said, I hate reading blogs looking for a real opinion only to have the writer say we have no opinion! When it’s obvious that they do.

For us, natural florals are our favorite. We live the classic look, soft textures, and gorgeous smells that (in our opinion) make the wedding day romantic, but doesn’t mean that we have to share opinions.



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