Dance, Dance Baby!

Mar 3, 2019

It is one of our most cherished memories. Dancing! We loved taking dance lessons for our wedding day, but while we love sharing our love of it; we are going to share someone else’s opinion on the blog today.

The following five reasons for dance lessons is featured on the Fred Astaire Dance Studio blog.

  • Leave your fears behind you! – Dancing in front of a huge crowd can be intimidating. Knowing what to do and when to do it can leave those fears behind and allow you to feel comfortable enough to bust a move!
  • I can’t believe I stepped on your foot! – That is definitely not what you want to be saying to Uncle Albert on your wedding day. What soon to be married couples forget is that social dancing has been practiced by many for centuries and most of our elders are skilled dancers. Your wedding is an opportunity to dance with many, not just your soon to be spouse.
  • Discover a Joy of Dancing! – Dancing is a forgotten pastime, however, it is A LOT of fun! It is all about learning to enjoy the moment and the rhythm of the music. Better yet you might discover that what you originally had in mind isn’t really what you wanted at all!
  • Bust a Move! – Learning how to master simple steps allows you to create infinite possibilities, all while looking super fly! Enjoy letting loose and enjoying your new skill set!
  • Practice makes Perfect! – Dance lessons provide a structured environment to practice your moves in, with the support of a professional to make for the perfect first dance!


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