Chase & Megan – A Ritz Carlton Bacara, Santa Barbara Mission, & Glen Annie Golf Club Wedding

Jan 8, 2020

As a wedding photographer, some weddings, they stay with you. Some because they were the most beautiful. Some because they had the most flowers you’ve ever seen. Some because they almost broke you. While this wedding didn’t have any of those things, it will stay with me forever for one reason…it had the most heart.

From an outside perspective, most weddings have themes. Blush weddings, blue weddings, Alice in Wonderland weddings…and when asked this gorgeous bride and groom would tell you that the theme of their wedding was Roaring 20’s, and it was, but to me…that was a secondary theme. Yes the decor was gorgeous and gilded, and every photographer’s dream…but the theme of togetherness was what really struck me.

From the quiet moments in the bridal sweet as these blended girls from past and present melded into a group of best friends around a kind hearted woman, to the ringing profession of their priest’s message, to the tearful toasts of her father, and the full of laughter bus as it drove the bunch away to the after party…together.

Please enjoy the sneak peek of this truly heartwarming wedding day. Congratulations Chase and Megan!!

Congratulations Chase & Megan, may your love story continue to be fabulous!



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