Paradise Point Resort Wedding – Jordan & Emelie

Oct 19, 2016

You know a wedding is going to be amazing when the theme is hot pink and tropical! I am so thrilled to have been a part of this gorgeous wedding! Congratulations Jordan & Emelie!! You are an amazing couple! 

Jordan&Emelie (7)Jordan&Emelie (8)Jordan&Emelie (9)Jordan&Emelie (6)Jordan&Emelie (5)Jordan&Emelie (4)Jordan&Emelie (1)Jordan&Emelie (2)Jordan&Emelie (3)Jordan&Emelie (10)Jordan&Emelie (11)Jordan&Emelie (12)Jordan&Emelie (13)Jordan&Emelie (14)Jordan&Emelie (15)Jordan&Emelie (16)Jordan&Emelie (17)Jordan&Emelie (18)Jordan&Emelie (19)Jordan&Emelie (20)Jordan&Emelie (21)Jordan&Emelie (22)Jordan&Emelie (23)Jordan&Emelie (24)Jordan&Emelie (25)Jordan&Emelie (26)Jordan&Emelie (27)Jordan&Emelie (28)Jordan&Emelie (29)Jordan&Emelie (30)Jordan&Emelie (31)



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